BREAKING: “This Was An Act of Terror” – Halloween Terror Attack in New York City

Manhattan, NY – At least eight people are dead and fifteen more are injured after a truck driven by a male ran over several people on bicycles as well as crashing into a school bus. A witness states that the truck was traveling between 40 to 50 MPH when it struck the bicyclists and pedestrians. The New York Mayor states, “This was an act of terror.” According to witnesses, the suspect yelled “Allahu Akbar” after ramming the school bus. The suspect was shot by police and is in custody. The suspect had rented a Home Depot Truck, which was used in this terror attack. According to law enforcement, the truck was rented in Jersey City, NJ and was driven into New York and then used in this terror attack on a bike path, striking several bikers. He struck at least twenty or more people and killed eight. The suspect had two weapons on him, a BB Gun and a Pellet Gun. That was when New York Police shot him. This happened right across the street from “Ground Zero” at One World Trade Center. The NYC Mayor stated, “The Halloween Parade will continue tonight. We will not change our way of life. We will not change our activities.”


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