Why Love People?

Many wonder why I continue to harp on and post to love your neighbor as yourself? The answer is this. Jesus said to His disciples in John 15:12-14, “This is my command: love one another as I have loved you. No one has greater love than this, that someone would lay down his life for his friends. You are My friends if you do what I command.” This is what Jesus did for us. He laid down His life for us. Therefore, we are to love one another, for He loves us. If we don’t love others, then we do not love Him and do not love God.

To continue to espouse hatred against others, even your enemies is not keeping Christ Jesus’ commandment to love others as Christ Jesus has loved us. We must show the world that we truly are followers of Christ. If you hate others, then you hate God. We get so caught up with defending statues that we miss the point of loving others. We get caught up in thinking our lives matter more than other people’s lives. This is not love. This is not showing the love of Christ. Love does not have to be defended. Love overcomes evil. For those who fight so hard to save historical statues, where have you been to fight hard to love others and share your faith for the cause of Christ? We live in a society who places a higher value on history than the love of God and His Son, Jesus Christ! We live in a society who places a higher value on certain lives of color as opposed to valuing the life of every person who lives on God’s earth. According to what I read in God’s Holy Word, all lives matter to Christ Jesus. For He said in John 15:17, ” This is what I command you, love one another.” It does not say to love only White people. It does not say love only Black people. It does not say love only Indian, Asian, or Middle-Eastern people. It says to love one another! People, we need to STOP the hatred and forgive one another. We need to do this NOW! If not for the sake of our nation but for the sake of God. If we do not, we are breaking Christ Jesus commandment. And if we are breaking Christ’s commandment, then we have turned our backs on God. And if we continue this track, then God will not honor or bless our nation.

Joseph T. Lee © November 4, 2017, The Lantern & Shield Times LLC


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