Introducing Acoustic Truth

This week, we are highlighting an up and coming Christian group called Acoustic Truth. The members are Sarah and Ryan Knott of Chicago, IL. They caught my attention on Twitter announcing their newly released album, “Impact” which was recently debuted Nov 7, 2017 on iTunes. You may listen to their new album here.

Their vocals are pure and songs are original, felt from the heart. They sing about life and how Christ can change hearts through His Love and immeasurable Grace. “Unchanging” is their Official Video and one of my favorite songs on the album. I highly recommend Acoustic Truth.


I reached out to Ryan and asked him to tell me a little about himself and his wife Sarah. I asked how they met and began a Christian ministry together. Here was his response:

“Sarah was born into a Christian family, volunteered at soup kitchens, visited nursing homes, and sang at church with her family, always having a big heart for others. She has always loved Jesus and really took her faith on her own shoulders in college. It was there that she, disappointedly didn’t make the basketball team, but used her heart for Jesus and athletics to re-launch a branch of Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She was blessed with an amazing mentor from an intervarsity group she was a part of who helped her plan for the Bible studies she would lead with the athletes, all while getting closer to God herself. She had a dear friend pass away during college and that also helped her dive further into the loving promises of Scripture, especially with regards to everlasting life with Jesus.”

“Ryan grew up with dreams of being a baseball player. He was throwing 95 MPH in college at Duke University where he unfortunately suffered a career ending injury that shattered two offers to play professional baseball. He became angry, especially with God. He thought he knew who God was but was in store for a lot more. It was suggested to him to do an internship in Chicago for kids with special needs where he would teach them baseball. It was there that he would meet the basketball counselor- Sarah. Yep a curve ball from God; no pun intended!
“Ryan and Sarah hit it off at camp and became friends. Sarah reintroduced Ryan to Jesus and they began creating music with one another. Sarah helped show Ryan a different side of the love of Jesus. He had grown up thinking God didn’t need to waste time on him and that He was a harsh God that kept a scale of good deeds and wrongs he had done. Seeing this other side of God, diving deeper into the Word, and beginning to play music with Sarah’s family at their church helped Ryan come to truly know and love Jesus.”
“We both want to spread the love of Jesus to the world and feel that God has given us the words and music to do that.” ~ Ryan Knott.
Here is a little information about their album:
Album accolades:
Debuted Nov 7, 2017
Hit No. 3 on Christian Gospel charts on iTunes
Hit No. 23 overall on iTunes
Most recent music Video: Unchanging
To learn more about Acoustic Truth, here is their website:
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