Hurricane Florence: Possible Cat 5 to hit the East Coast

Richmond, VA. September 10, 2018. It is inevitable that Hurricane Florence will be striking the East Coast anywhere between Charleston, NC to the Maryland Coastline. The current winds are at 138 MPH with Wind Gusts of 167 MPH. The current position is 525 miles SSE of Bermuda on a course of WNW 285° traveling at 13 MPH.

If the hurricane makes a landfall just North of Wilmington, there is a 50 to 60% chance that Tropical Force winds will be felt all the way into Richmond, Virginia. According to The Weather Channel, the storm may hit Cat 5 by tomorrow. If that occurs and strikes the coast, the storm surge could travel up to 30 miles inland. The Weather Channel also states that 79% of hurricane deaths occur in a storm surge and 29% occurs with inland flooding.

According to the National Hurricane Center, as Florence nears the coast on Wednesday night, it could turn to the Northwest as it moves along the Bermuda High Ridge. If that occurs, the Hampton Roads area could be in danger as well as areas North of Wilmington. Damaging winds can spread inland as far as 200 miles or more.

Once on shore, the storm could stall inland dropping anywhere from 10 to 25 inches of rain. Catastrophic flooding could occur in the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia. The total impact of the storm could potentially be of catastrophic proportions.


The Weather Channel

The National Hurricane Center

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