COVID-19: Working from home

COVID-19 has changed many lives and working environments. With shelter at home orders, employers have accommodated employees to work from home. By doing so, it seems that employees cannot get away from work. It is always with you even if you try to leave it.

Many employees now have their company emails dropping into their smart phones. In my opinion, this could be a bad idea. An employee must separate work from home life. I used to love being in my home and relaxing in a comfortable setting without having problems and headaches from my job constantly bothering me. Now, with stay at home orders from the governors of many states, the job is constantly facing you.

I am a business owner and I learned a long time ago how to separate my business from my personal life. The first thing that I did was to remove my company email off my iPhone. By doing this, I was not constantly at work even when I was trying to enjoy time with family. There is nothing that is so important to take you away from your children or wife when you are off and being part of a family.

The second most important requirement to separate your work from family time is to have a designated place to work. In my case, I have a dedicated room over my garage which I have converted into an office. I have everything I need, a computer, a printer, and my phone. I will spend about eight hours in my home office and then I am off.

On occasion, a client will call me on my cell to discuss their policies. I do not have a problem with them having my cell phone, but when I am with family, it is important to set guidelines. Many times, I will ask if I can return their calls the next business day. Many times, that would be acceptable, but sometimes, if a client has an urgent need or emergency, then I will take the call and help them resolve their problem.

By separating your business from family time, it will relieve stress and you will enjoy working from home. By having a separate place to work in your home and setting office hours, and adhering to them, this will relieve any stress and will make an excellent work and family environment.

Photo Credit: Pexels

Copyright May 3, 2020, Marketplace Evangelism Ministries Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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