The Light of Christ

The Light of Christ by Kay Vincent

Good morning!! Got a photo op this morning of Mutt looking in the front door when I got up. He does this every morning while waiting for me to open the door so he and Jeff can eat.

Looking at the darkness of the house early in the morning and the light coming in from outside reminds me of how, after I receive the Light of Christ in my life, I may still long for sin. Sin, which is darkness, still looks attractive. We are humans with weaknesses. Stop thinking you are a Super Christian and that you won’t be tempted to sin. Sin equals anything that goes against a Holy God.

The world is full of sinful temptations and they don’t have to be those really bad sins we think about. We pat ourselves on the back that we have never killed someone but have we done it with our tongue? What about robbing a bank? No, but have we ever brought something home from work that we needed that we didn’t pay for? Sin is a dark tunnel that we look into every day and have to make a decision whether or not to open the door to it.

We are in the Light but that darkness looks attractive. I fight it every day and so do you. The longer we live with Christ and He with us, the less vulnerable we are if we seek His strength but the lure of sin is always there. Sin was the reason that Christ went to the cross. The great news is that we can be forgiven of those sinful choices we make by simply confessing and repenting (turn the other way—turn away from that sin and turn to Christ). He promises to forgive us and to forget that we ever did anything that offended Him. I’ll take that promise!!

This same example can be used for what we are facing now with the Coronavirus and the state of our country. We must not look down that corridor and think all is woe and defeat. Christ is the Victor no matter what happens. And we are victorious if we are in Him. Don’t let circumstances overwhelm you. Keep looking up and be strong in Him.

So my challenge to all of us is that, when we look into the dark places that are calling us, to just turn around and look into the Light that surrounds us. The Light of the World!! Love you!

Written by Kay Vincent. Copyright July 17, 2020. Marketplace Evangelism Today, a publication of Marketplace Evangelism Ministries Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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