What Is Your Secret to Success?

I have been asked numerous times the question, “What is your secret to success?” I look at them and my reply is “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you!” Then they reply, “Come on now! I will believe you!” Then I ask them if they really want to know my secrets to success? They say Yes!

I have a successful business! I am not only a Christian ordained minister, but also own a for profit business. My business involves helping clients secure their financial needs, assets, and interests.

You want to know my secret? The key to my successes? It will be hard to construct how I appear to be successful to a secular world. The key to my success really belongs to someone else. I am just a steward of the company for I serve a greater one than I. As a Christian, I apply Christian Biblical Principles in my daily life. My life bleeds over into my business affairs. I cannot turn off being a Christian and then turn on the entrepreneur. I am one of the same.

The key to my success is actually very simple. It involves a commitment as well as to “stay steady in my practices of my daily calling.”

You are wondering, what is the secret to my success? Here is the answer. But before I share, not everyone may find this believable. You see, what you may deem as success, I may deem as failure. I have daily struggles. You may think I have a successful business, but my business is of a much greater calling that the selling of products that secures assets. As a Christian businessman, after all my mistakes of life and failures, I am probably considered to be a success, and yet I feel that I have not done enough to help people, to secure their well-being in life.

Getting back to the secret. The secret really isn’t a secret at all but it is a lifestyle. My success is granted to me because of my commitment to Jesus Christ. The key to my life is to stay steady in Christ, live out each day as if it is my last, pray not only for myself and my family, but for my clients, for my friends, for those I do not know, for our community, and our nation; and of course, I pray for my business. This is the first key to my success in life.

The second key is studying and reading the Word of God, the Holy Bible. It is through God’s and Jesus’ teaching that the Holy Spirit can minister to me, teach me the things that He wants me to know and understand, correct me in my behavior, and to instill love in my heart for others who are less fortunate, those who are hard to love because of their actions, and love for God and the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

Now before people start to accuse, sin, and commit a trespass of judging me, let me explain. This is NOT Prosperity Gospel. Not at all. Prosperity Gospel is heresy. I attribute all my successes to God Almighty and to His Son, Jesus Christ. It is through the relationship that I have with Him today that has placed me where I am. I give Him all the glory and honor. I have worked hard all my life. When I wasn’t following Him like I should, I failed miserably and suffered. As I am following Him now, trying to live a life of Christ, trying to love God with all my heart, soul, and mind; and to love my neighbor as myself; even though I am in the midst of the Lord, sometimes, I fail miserably. But when I am successful, I give God all the glory. It is only through Him that He gives me the strength and knowledge to get through each day.

The previously mentioned failure was not because God failed, but because I got out of God’s Will. The secret to my success and my successes is that Jesus Christ loved me so much that He laid down His life for a dirt bag like me. My sin was a black as tar and Jesus saved me from my wickedness, redeemed me, made me whole, forgave me, and He loves me.

I have found that the secret to a successful life is not measured by monetary means, but by having a personal relationship with a loving Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus, who laid down His life for a friend; and that friend was me. I could be poor and homeless, but with Christ Jesus, I will have everything that I need. Jesus promised us that He would provide our needs. See Philippians 4:19, “And God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus.”

As a Marketplace Minister and Christian Businessman, sometimes we have been involved in people lives not only from a business standpoint, but also from a spiritual realm. I have been with clients and loved ones on their death beds and have held their hands and prayed for them and sung for them during their time of need. I and my staff will pray for clients and others who have needs.

Success cannot be measured out in dollars. For me, success is quality of life, family, tending to the needs of others, ministering to those in need, showing the love of Christ to others in ways that surpasses understanding. It’s loving the homeless man on the corner by stopping and giving him a helping hand or a meal. It is taking in the garbage cans of some elderly neighbors. It is cutting a neighbor’s grass without expecting anything in return. It is buying a person a pair of shoes when you see that their existing shoes are worn through and they have holes in their soles. It is buying a case of water and then distributing them to immigrant construction workers in neighborhoods. It is loving people who are different from you and telling them about the saving grace of Jesus Christ. It is investing in heavenly treasures as opposed to amassing a huge wealth on earth.

My key to a successful life is to Love God with all my heart, soul, and mind; to pray and have a relationship with Him, His Son, and the Holy Spirit; and to Love my neighbor regardless of who they are or what they have done. God provides for me because He allowed me to learn a trade and do it very well. To God be the Glory! I consider myself a tentmaker like Paul. I have a trade but the key to it all is my relationship with Jesus Christ. My Heavenly Father is my CEO, He is the owner of the business. I am just the steward of what God has provided for me.

Tell me, what is your secret to success?

Copyright © November 24, 2020; Marketplace Evangelism Ministries Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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