Do You Think Ukraine Will Win or Lose?

A friend of mine asked, “Do you think Ukraine will win or lose?” My response is the following.

I believe that this aggression from Russia is just the beginning. This aggression will set the stage for the Antichrist to come on the scene. Whether Christ comes back Pre-tribulation or post-trib, or right in the middle, no one knows for sure. But I believe He will come again with the shout of the trumpet. And the dead will rise first to meet Him in the air. Then those who are living will be, as written in the Greek, be raptured up to meet Him in the air. We all better be ready because according to Scripture, Jesus is coming. Whether Ukraine wins or loses, I have no idea. But I believe this is the beginning of what we have been waiting for, for many years.

Many times, we don’t think about God’s time table. We only think about ours. Now I have heard many say, “If Trump were President, this would have never happened!” But perhaps that was not in God’s plans. His plans are to draw everyone close to Him. He wants our full love for Him, through His Son Jesus.

When Jesus comes again, I know there will be many left behind to endure through the remainder of the Tribulation. Those left will be persecuted beyond comprehension by those who follow the Antichrist.

As for Putin, I think he is possessed by demons. This would make sense if Russia is going to be a catalyst in the ushering in of the Antichrist. The fact that many nations are seeking to join the European Union because Putin is after Ukraine is astonishing. It seems to all be coming together.

And look at what is happening all over the world. Most all countries are supporting the Ukraine by sending defense weapons. We have gone from a global pandemic to a global crisis on the eve of a Third World War in less than two years. I am looking and hoping Jesus comes back soon. I think what is coming is beyond imaginable.

Let’s go back to Trump. I believe he was in Office for one term. Biden is in now. Whether we like it or not, God controls who are the leaders of our nation and world. How will God use Trump in the future, I don’t know? But what is most important is that while we, Christians, are still on this earth, we need to be telling as many people about the saving grace of Jesus as much as possible. Because a time is coming when there will be no more chances. The harvest is ripe and time is short. There is a storm coming worse that what Russia is doing and has done.

Copyright March 5, 2022. All Rights Reserved

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