Is Time Slipping Away?

On Friday, I turned 65 and I sat there wondering how I got here so quickly? Have you ever thought the same? How is it that time is slipping away?

I feel like it was just yesterday that I was getting married to the love of my life, Diane. We wanted children and adopted a beautiful little girl from Bethany Christian Services.

Over the last 25 years, our daughter has been the center of our lives, going to all her school functions, from kindergarten until she was a Senior in High School. We raised her in the Church to love God and both my wife and I were actively involved in parenting her. We invested our lives into her.

She graduated from high school and went on to college, and graduated within two and a half years, and was number 1 in her graduating class. She went on to law school and is now a successful lawyer with a city attorney’s office.

Both my wife and I loved every minute of being her Mom and Dad. She is now married and out on her own living in another state. She is soaring in her career and is very successful. We are both very proud of her.

But as I look back on the time I spent, from being a law enforcement officer to becoming an insurance agent and ultimately becoming a co-vocational minister, I grieve for the fact that I did not do enough for the cause of Christ.

I pray that God will give my wife and I many more years of life so that we can finish the race well. For me, it’s not about how much money I can make or about having the best of the best. It’s about people and the hearts that are lost without a savior. For me, my goal in life is to find as many people as possible to share the gospel of Christ Jesus with so that many will come into the kingdom of God.

We have choices in life. We become so engrossed in our work lives that we forget about the ones who matter the most to us. People need to invest time in their families, and teach their children about the love of Jesus. We need to be taking our children to church and being a part of the Church.

The Bible’s says in Job 14:5-6 that our days are numbered and that God sets the time of our lives. He knows exactly how many days, hours, and minutes we will live. Having this information makes time a very valuable possession.

The time we have left from this moment forward, spend it wisely. None of us will know what tomorrow will bring. If you are at odds with a loved one, ask forgiveness before the sun sets. Cf. Ephesians 4:26. Tomorrow may never come and it would be an awful thing that if you are at odds with a fellow Christian and you never made amends.

One other point I want to make is this. If time is now short, what are you waiting for in sharing your faith? Tell others about how Jesus saved you and changed your life. You may be the only person that will ever love your neighbor enough to tell them about the good news of Jesus Christ.

I pray that time will not run out on what you need to do. May the Lord lead you to step out on faith and just do it! God will be with you every step of the way.

Copyright May 15, 2022. Marketplace Evangelism Ministries Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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