Is a Closer Walk with God a New Year’s Resolution for You?

One positive thing that has come out of 2020 with the Covid-19 Pandemic is the fact that Christians were placed in a situation where they could not attend a formal church service. Many of my Brothers and Sisters in Christ took the opportunity to lead Bible studies in their homes with their own families as well as disciple their family as well as others.

Thanksgiving: Why Not Thank God Daily?

Thanksgiving: Why Not Thank God Daily? Why is it that we celebrate Thanksgiving only one time a year? Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate and gives thanks for the harvest and the preceding year. It is a national holiday and celebrated in United States, Canada, Brazil, Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Liberia; at various times ofContinue reading “Thanksgiving: Why Not Thank God Daily?”

A Prayer for Virginia & Our Nation

Lord Jesus, we plead the Blood of the Lamb over this rally. We pray for peace! Lord, we ask you to come against the evil one who wants to destroy our Virginia and our nation. We pray that you will come against the hate groups like ANTIFA, White Nationalists, KKK, Abortionists, and those who have no value for infants lives.

Do You Pray?: Politicians Curse Prayer

Most recently, I read a news article on CBN News, written by Will Maule, Faithwire, “’We’re Not Going to Give Thoughts and Prayers’: 2020 Candidate Cory Booker Curses Prayer,” dated May 14, 2019. Maule wrote, “Democratic hopeful Corey Booker has issued some harsh words of criticism to those who vow to send ‘thoughts and prayers’Continue reading “Do You Pray?: Politicians Curse Prayer”

Do You Pray For Your Leaders?

Just this morning, I had breakfast with a group of older people at a local fast food restaurant. Everything was going well until someone started talking about the anti-Christ. An eighty-nine year old women piped up and exclaimed that President Obama was the anti-Christ. I then told her that he certainly was not the anti-Christ.Continue reading “Do You Pray For Your Leaders?”

Is Prayer Mandatory or Considered a Supplement to the Christian Walk? Part 1

Is Prayer Mandatory or Considered a Supplement to the Christian Walk? Part 1 Is prayer mandatory in the Christian walk or is it supplementary? I know many Believers who are not comfortable with praying in public. I personally like to pray silently, but there are times I must take the lead and model prayer forContinue reading “Is Prayer Mandatory or Considered a Supplement to the Christian Walk? Part 1”