Review: My New Hammacher Schlemmer Voice Activated Christmas Tree

I must say, I have had a fit with Christmas trees this year. As many of you have read in my previous article about Balsam Hill, I had two trees from them and both were defective. So I ordered a new tree from Hammacher Schlemmer. It was priced at almost $600, but was on sale for $249.95. It was a 7.5 foot slender tree and had some very beautiful multi color lights as well as clear lights.

I would love to say that I was excited when the tree came by FedEx Delivery, but after the Balsam Hill fiasco,  my excitement was robbed with the two defective trees that Balsam Hill sent to me.

When I opened the box from Hammacher Schlemmer, the tree was nicely packed. It was easy to put together and I did not have a lot of reading to do with the instructions. The tree actually lighted when I plugged in the cord into the electric outlet. That was a pleasant surprise!

The first tree would not stay lit. It would turn itself off multiple times after about five minutes. Therefore, I called customer service at Hammacher Schlemmer and they said they would send me another tree. I was supposed to cut the end of the cord off and mail it to them. Then they stated that they would need to charge my credit card another $249.95 and they would send me the tree within six business days. I pressed them to send it overnight and they agreed. They said they would credit my credit card back within three business days. As of the writing of this story, I have not received the credit, but have faith they will do as they said.

The replacement tree came today and I assembled it and turned on the power. It lit up and stayed lit. I was very excited and delighted to see the beautiful lights. This weekend, we plan on decorating the tree. My wife said that even if we did not decorate it, it is so beautiful. It is the most beautiful tree we have ever purchased.

So here are the cons about this tree. Although it stays lit, the voice activated remote control sometimes picks up conversation, which may change the mode to another color or function. This can become annoying if we want it set on a certain function. My recommendation to the company is to have a function where you can select the color and turn off the voice activation. This would resolve the problem. This is the only problem I have with this tree.

UPDATE: I figured out that once the tree is set on the setting you want, you can turn off the remote and it will stay on that setting and not turn off. This is an excellent feature.

I give this tree a FIVE STAR rating out of FIVE. It is an excellent tree.

The following is their description of the tree taken from their website:

“This is the 7 1/2′-tall pre-lit Christmas tree that changes colors and lighting effects when you say so. Verbal commands including “white fade”, “color change”, and “multi twinkle” direct its eight lighting functions via a 25′-range voice remote. With a lifelike design that makes it look as if it had just been cut from a wintery boreal grove, the tree’s carefully molded PVC and PE tips are accented with pinecones, and pre-strung with 600 multi-colored or white lights rated for 10,000 hours of operation. With a uniform shape that gently tapers from its base to its top, the tree is supported by a four-point, powder-coated steel base and trunk that provides reliable stability. Plugs into AC; voice remote requires three AAA batteries. Assembly required. 90″ H x 40″ Diameter. (24 1/2 lbs.)” ~ Hammacher Schlemmer Website.

The company has a Lifetime Guarantee offered by Hammacher Schlemmer. If ever anyone does not like their tree, they can have the amount paid credited to a brand new tree. This is a great value. I highly recommend Hammacher Schlemmer. Please visit their site at Here is the link to their Lifetime Guarantee:

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