Breaking: Major Power Outage at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – Grounds Planes

Update: As of 8:05 PM EST, Delta is now telling passengers at LAX that they will not be able to get home until Tuesday.
Photo Credit: Sheri Bias at LAX
Update: As of 6:50 PM EST, Sheri Bias has just advised me that LAX is starting to cancel flights out of Los Angeles to Atlanta. She stated that it could be as long as five to six more hours before any planes can leave. But if the power outage resumes, she will need to find another way home.
December 17, 2017, Atlanta, Georgia: Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Airport grounds planes this afternoon just after 1:00 PM due to a complete power outage. According to FOX News, the power outage caused “pandemonium.” This power outage has interrupted travel for passengers across the nation. Many travelers are stuck in LAX because of their flights to Atlanta.
I spoke with Sheri Bias, who is a Delta Airlines traveler stuck at Los Angeles LAX. She states that her flight was supposed to leave at 12 Noon out of LAX. As of the writing of this article, she has been delayed for just over three hours. Bias states that all flights are “grounded going to Atlanta.” Bias was rebooked on a later flight, but it appears that flight may be delayed as well.
Photo Credit: Sheri Bias at LAX
Photo Credit: Sheri Bias at LAX

According to Delta Airlines in Atlanta, the outage was ongoing and they were “working to deplane customers from aircraft that have not been able to park at a gate due to the outage.”

A Delta Airlines Pilot told passengers that a construction workman cut a power line.

Photo Credit: Twitter

International flights coming into Atlanta will be redirected to other airports according to US Customs and Border Protection Agency.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Ciara Leilani Tweeted, “Literal pandemonium at the @ATLairport with power completely out and electric exit doors unable to open. Baggage claim stuck, passengers can go no where! Which means traffic can’t either. GBI and other law enforcement on site now. Talk about delays! #atlanta”

Photo Credit: Twitter

There is a concern if there were any people still stuck in the people movers, the underground trains, that run between the terminals.

It is still unclear when the power will be turned back on.

Source: FOX News

Sheri Bias Interview

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