Racial Hatred is a Growing Cancer of the Soul

Racial hatred is a growing cancer of the soul and it affects all races. We continue to see hateful comments against the President as well as comments about law enforcement officers being racists. Because of deep-seated sin, people of all walks and all races can have hatred in their hearts. Not all people are racists. The same goes for those who are in authority.

Not every law enforcement officer is a racist. Hatred is deep in the heart and unfortunately, it’s found in all races. If we want to change the world, we need to start with one person at a time. The first person to start with is ourselves, the man or woman in the mirror. I have found that through the selfless love of Jesus Christ, He can transform hearts and change the thinking of evil men and women. The evil that pervades our nation is authored by Satan himself.

God gave us two commandments; to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind. The 2nd is to love our neighbor as ourselves. (Cf. Matthew 22:37-39) Even if that neighbor is a different race or religion, we are to love them as well as pray for them. There are many law enforcement officers who love God and love their neighbor. But there are some that are lost without a savior, without hope, and without salvation, just like there are some civilians who are lost without hope and without salvation.

We are to pray for our enemies, even if they are racists. We are to pray for our President, even if you do not like him. God can change hearts. God can transform and change the way a man or woman thinks, but only if you let Him. If you have hate in your heart, then you truly do not love God. If you have hate, there is no room in your heart for love. Hate is a sin and it will consume your entire being like a cancer. It will destroy you and everything beautiful about you.

Back a few years ago, I had the occasion to meet a very beautiful young lady in my job at a local hospital. I was the retirement planning specialist for a national company and my assignment was to enroll new employees as well as existing employees in the hospital’s retirement plan. When I met with this beautiful young lady, I thought, “What a very nice person.” Then she started to tell me about her husband bringing home a black man and she then started spewing the “N” word from her lips. My spirit cringed. I was appalled to hear such derogatory language coming from her lips. It was almost like she was demon possessed, with all the vulgar language that was vomited from her inner most soul. Unfortunately, there are people today that are as racist as this woman was 20 years ago.

I have seen and heard the same type of language coming from almost every race talking about another person of a different race. And while we are talking about races being against one another, let’s not forget political parties and their hatred for one another. It is like brother against brother and sister against sister. I have seen opposite sides willing to assault one another over politics because of differences of opinion. Folks, this is pure hatred and it is deep rooted the inner soul stemming from a sinful nature and allowing the evil one to control the life of the racist.

The Bible is very clear. If we truly love God, if we truly love Jesus, our Lord and Savior; then we will also love our neighbor, even if our neighbor is Black, White, Indian, Muslim, Hindu, or what other religion. You will never win hearts with hate filled insults to those who think differently than you do.

If you want to change the world for the gospel of Jesus Christ, then it must start with you! Don N. Howell, Jr. wrote, “Biblical leadership is taking the initiative to influence people to grow in holiness and to passionately promote the extension of God’s kingdom in the world.”[1] The way to influence people is to first love them with genuine love. Love that is not induced by what they can do for you, but genuine love for your fellow man or woman. Care about people. If you feel that their way of thinking is of a sinful nature, then have the heart of a teacher. Try to have an intelligent conversation with them and educate them. Pour into their lives like Jesus would want you to do. That is what “Loving Your Neighbor” means.

Why not allow Him to change your heart today? Pray this simple prayer: Dear Jesus, Please forgive me. I am a sinner and I have wronged others. I ask you to come into my heart, live in me, change my heart and way of thinking. I believe that you are the Son of God and that you died to save me from my evilness. I want to serve you the remainder of my life. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

Once you pray that prayer and mean it, Jesus will forgive you. He will come into your life and send His Holy Spirit to minister to you. Once you do this, get involved in a Bible believing church. You need to be with other Believers so that you will learn what God says in His Word. I pray that you will make this decision to follow Him today!


Photo Credit: CBN News

[1] Don N. Howell, Jr., Servants of the Servant: A Biblical Theology of Leadership (Wipf & Stock Publishers: Eugene, OR, 2003) 3.

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