YMCA Evacuated in Richmond, Virginia Due to Suspicious Suitcase

UPDATE: November 5, 2017 at 11:30 PM. After the Virginia State Police Bomb Squad was called to the scene, it was determined that the suitcase belonged to an individual who had left the suitcase out on the street. It was filled with clothing. The all clear was given. Richmond, Virginia: On November 5, 2017, TheContinue reading “YMCA Evacuated in Richmond, Virginia Due to Suspicious Suitcase”

You Never Know Who Is Watching

I most recently attended my daughter’s graduation from college for her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. The Spring Commencement was held at Campbell University in Buies Creek, NC. The guest speaker was Dr. Belle S. Wheelan, President of the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Commission on Colleges. Dr. Wheelan delivered an excellent addressContinue reading “You Never Know Who Is Watching”

Breaking: Matt Lauer Fired from NBC for Inappropriate Sexual Behavior in the Workplace

November 29, 2017: Today, we are learning of a great media icon who has been fired over allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace. On the Today Show this morning, Savanna Guthrie and Hoda Kotb announced that their co-worker, Matt Lauer was fired for “Inappropriate Sexual Behavior” in the workplace. They read a statement issuedContinue reading “Breaking: Matt Lauer Fired from NBC for Inappropriate Sexual Behavior in the Workplace”

UPDATE: Oxford Circus Shooting

London, England: November 24, 2017; According to the Metropolitan Police (MPS), the mass stampede which was caused by rumors of a shooting, was triggered when two men were fighting on the platform. Because of the reports of gunfire, the MPS responded with the British Transport Police (BTP) to the scene, only to find no suspectsContinue reading “UPDATE: Oxford Circus Shooting”

Breaking: Terror in London- Shots fired in Oxford Circus

London, England: Police are responding to a terrorist-related incident involving shots being fired. At this time, no known casualties have been reported. Oxford Circus shoppers flee as shots were being fired. Although no suspects or victims have been found, London was on lockdown as this investigation unfolds. There was an injury of a lady whoContinue reading “Breaking: Terror in London- Shots fired in Oxford Circus”

Happy Thanksgiving: What are you thankful for?

Today, I wished many people Happy Thanksgiving! I did this because I love these people and hold them in high regard. I am thankful for my wife and daughter, my family, friends, and clients. I praise God for my relationships. Most of all, I am thankful for God’s love, where He allowed His Son, JesusContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving: What are you thankful for?”

Movie Review: “The Man Who Invented Christmas”

One of my favorite things to do leading up to Christmas is to Watch “A Christmas Carol,” which was written in book form by Charles Dickens in the 1840s. The Puritans, who believed Christmas was pagan and tied to Roman Catholicism, left some influence on Britain, where the holiday was not widely observed at theContinue reading “Movie Review: “The Man Who Invented Christmas””

Breaking: 1970’s Teen Idol and Heart Throb David Cassidy Dies at 67 Years Old

David Cassidy, star of The Partridge Family, dies at 67 years of age. Cassidy was a teen idol and heart throb for the hit TV series in the 1970’s. He died in a Fort Lauderdale hospital due to kidney failure and multiple organ failure. Cassidy played Keith Partridge on ABC’s sitcom about a family band.Continue reading “Breaking: 1970’s Teen Idol and Heart Throb David Cassidy Dies at 67 Years Old”

Breaking: Charles Manson Dead at 83 Years of Age

Charles Manson, known for the brutal and horrific murder of Actress Sharon Tate and six other people; died Sunday in a California hospital. Manson was imprisoned over forty-five years after he led his mostly female followers to kill Tate and six other people at Roman Polaski’s home. He ordered the killing of two other peopleContinue reading “Breaking: Charles Manson Dead at 83 Years of Age”

Interview with a Pastor: The Making of an American Pastor

I most recently had a candid interview with a pastor about his ministry and what it was like leading a church. My questions are in BOLD TYPE. His answers are in regular font. The name of the pastor has been omitted as well as the church. If you are thinking of going into the ministry asContinue reading “Interview with a Pastor: The Making of an American Pastor”