Never Underestimate the Power of One: Billy Graham

February 21, 2018: Today, Billy Graham dies at age 99. Many may mourn that the greatest Christian Evangelist in our lifetime has died. But I can assure you that although his body has died, his soul and spirit has passed on into glory to be with Jesus. Instead on reporting on his death, let usContinue reading “Never Underestimate the Power of One: Billy Graham”

It Should Have Been Me

Today, as I think about what Jesus did for you and me, I had an image in my mind. It was of the pounding of spikes, like those nailed into railroad ties. As I closed my eyes, I could see Jesus crawling onto the rugged cross after being illegally arrested, tried in the middle ofContinue reading “It Should Have Been Me”

BREAKING: 116 People Injured, 2 Killed in Amtrak Collision and Derailment With CSX Freight Train

Breaking: Cayce, South Carolina. NBC News is reporting an Amtrak passenger train collision and derailment which occurred at approximately 2:35 AM, when it collided with a CSX freight train near Cayce, SC. Amtrak Train 91 was en route from New York to Miami with 139 passengers aboard when the collision occurred. Sixty-two (62) people wereContinue reading “BREAKING: 116 People Injured, 2 Killed in Amtrak Collision and Derailment With CSX Freight Train”

Insurance Buyers Beware: How to Avoid Identity Theft

Insurance Buyers Beware: I received a phone call the other day from a person who had a very thick and heavy Middle Eastern accent. When I answered, there was a weird clicking sound, as if the call was coming from overseas. He asked for me by name and I answered, “Who’s calling?” He was tryingContinue reading “Insurance Buyers Beware: How to Avoid Identity Theft”

Introducing Acoustic Truth

This week, we are highlighting an up and coming Christian group called Acoustic Truth. The members are Sarah and Ryan Knott of Chicago, IL. They caught my attention on Twitter announcing their newly released album, “Impact” which was recently debuted Nov 7, 2017 on iTunes. You may listen to their new album here. TheirContinue reading “Introducing Acoustic Truth”

Breaking: Amtrak Train Hits Garbage Truck: Train Carrying Members of Congress

Crozet, Virginia, A charted train carrying GOP members of Congress hit a garbage truck on the railroad tracks near Crozet, Virginia. It is reported that the driver of the garbage truck was killed. A statement from Amtrak stated that the crash occurred at 11:20 AM on January 31, 2018. The train was charted for GOPContinue reading “Breaking: Amtrak Train Hits Garbage Truck: Train Carrying Members of Congress”

Is Time Running Out?

Just last Fall, I had the pleasure at singing at my Mother-in-law’s funeral. Now I know what most of you are thinking? How can I say that I had the pleasure singing at her funeral? Although her physical body was in the bronze casket, her spirit was already with her Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus.Continue reading “Is Time Running Out?”

May I Give You a Little Advice About “Storm Chasing Contractors?”: Part One

Most recently, I have come across people who are being taken advantage of by contractors who are “storm chasers.” I have studied insurance and I know quite a bit about the subject. May I give you some helpful advice? Read the following story so you will understand the ramifications of not using a local andContinue reading “May I Give You a Little Advice About “Storm Chasing Contractors?”: Part One”

Profanity and Foul Language Should Never Be Used

Profanity and foul language should never be used in a public setting whether business or in everyday life. It is offensive to many people. It seems that the liberal left has now become the moral police where they criticize President Donald Trump with using offensive language and yet Trump’s accusers use language that is veryContinue reading “Profanity and Foul Language Should Never Be Used”