Are You in Danger of Going to Hell?

In my Bible study this morning, I was reading in Genesis about Noah and how God punished the world because of men and women sinning against God. They were living vile lives and had fallen away. But Noah was a righteous man and God saved him and his family in the ark. God flooded theContinue reading “Are You in Danger of Going to Hell?”

Causing Little Ones to Sin

Today’s Devotional is taken from Mark 9:42-48 In our world today, people have an aversion to talking about Hell and sin. It is very offensive and distasteful. People would rather talk about Heaven and forgiveness. It is important to understand that when we ignore sin and the consequence of Hell, we are robbing the powerContinue reading “Causing Little Ones to Sin”

The Daily Bread: Unfaithfulness to God

Today’s study is based on Psalm 106. As I sit and read through this Psalm, it reminds me of our present nation and all of God’s blessings over the years. Our people have turned their backs on God just like Israel. Today, I will be highlighting some of the key points from the Scripture toContinue reading “The Daily Bread: Unfaithfulness to God”